--  State and federal forms are often updated.  Stay current on your W-4, I-9 and 507.

Staff Spreadsheet - The spreadsheet we use to hold instructor contact information, class specialties, vacation requests, weekly class assignments, etc.  We post this list in our office.

Employment Application - This is for the Archdiocese of Washington (ADW).  If your parish is in another diocese, they will have their own form.

W-4 - Employers must withhold a portion of the salaries they pay to their employees as prepaid federal income tax payments. How much they withhold is determined by the information that the employee puts down on the IRS W-4 form. This form can be downloaded as a PDF file at the Internal Revenue Service website. The file includes easy to understand instructions and tables that make filling it out quite straightforward.

I-9 - The I-9 form is a document that is designed to ensure that a newly hired employee is legally able to work in the United States. The burden on demonstrating that a new hire is legally permitted to work in the United States falls on both the newly hired employee and the employer. Together the employee and employer must provide appropriate documentation and adequately complete the I-9 form to demonstrate legal compliance.

MW507 - The MW507 is Maryland's version of the federal W4 form.  The Employee's Maryland Withholding Exemption Certificate, Maryland Form MW 507, must be completed so that you know how much state income tax to withhold from your new employee's wages. The importance of having each employee file a state withholding certificate as well as a federal Form W-4 cannot be overstated, so make its completion a priority.

Direct Deposit Form - Direct Deposit is a great way to move money electronically. You don't have to mail or sign any checks over to the bank, and your money tends to move more quickly when you use direct deposit.  Direct deposit will save your bookkeeper considerable time, and employees will appreciate being able to more quickly access their money.

Staff/Volunteer Health History Form - The  state of Maryland requires that each staff member and volunteer complete this Health History Form, and that it be kept on file for inspection.

Parental Consent to Volunteer - The ADW requires this form in order for minors to volunteer.

Emergency Procedure Training Form - Staff must be trained on child protection/sex abuse, missing campers, health and emergency issues.  This form must be completed with staff signatures and kept on file for inspection by the state of Maryland.

Youth Camp Personnel Chart - Complete this form and keep it on file for inspection by the state of Maryland.

Employment Agreement - For Instructors to read and sign.

Instructor/Volunteer ID Badge Template - All Instructors and volunteers wear ID badges on lanyards, which we can be customized to display the camp name (we also sell them at our tee-shirt table for $1.00 each and the kids love them).  This is the template we use for the id badges.  We buy our badge holders from  We like their 3.5"x2.313" All-Weather Resistant - Horizontal - Clear Vinyl Badge Holder because they proctect the badges from water and dirt, which means you're not reprinting name badges multiple times over the summer.

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