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We use Formsite's $24.99/mo package to build and manage our online registration for Summer Program, Religious Education, Adult Religious Education, Snow Tubing trips and more. The FormSite service allows users to design online forms that utilize any HTML form component without any knowledge of the HTML markup language, enabling users without technical skills to efficiently create online forms that look and behave in a professional manner. FormSite forms offer built-in validation and error handling, as well as the ability to process, store, and email form submissions. All of our Summer Program registration is done online using a form we created with Payments can be made online and results are easily searched and can be quickly exported to Excel. Our first year we offered online registration as well as paper registration. We only register online now. Take them time upfront to learn and develop an online reigstration form. It'll save you considerable time and grief following registration. If you email us your Formsite username, we can copy our form to your account so you don't have to start from scratch.  You can then modify it as needed.

"The only tragedy in life is to not become a saint" - Leon Bloy