Where to go for what you need....

Over time we've settled on some preferred vendors.  Below are some of our favorites.

Website Development - We love Wix.com!!  In a nutshell Wix.com is a free to cheap drag n' drop website builder. Wix provides hundreds of website templates and a drag and drop HTML5 website builder which includes Apps, graphics, image galleries, fonts and more. Everything on Wix’ website-templates is customizable so users can choose function, style, color, text, background, buttons that match their needs or opt to create their websites from scratch. Users can stick with the free version with ads or purchase premium packages in order to connect their sites to their own domains, remove Wix ads, add e-commerce capabilities, buy extra data storage and bandwidth and more.  This is a great way to develop your own website and have the freedom of changing it and updating at your leisure. 



Online Registration - We use Formsite.com to build and maintain our online registration system, and are huge fans.  There are companies online who offer summer camp resgistration software for $4.95/registration.  That can quickly add up to thousands of dollars.  We use Formsite's $24.99/mo package to build and manage our online registration for Summer Program, Religious Education, Adult Religious Education, Snow Tubing trips and more.  The FormSite service allows users to design online forms that utilize any HTML form component without any knowledge of the HTML markup language, enabling users without technical skills to efficiently create online forms that look and behave in a professional manner. FormSite forms offer built-in validation and error handling, as well as the ability to process, store, and email form submissions.  All of our Summer Program registration is done online using a form we created with Formsite.com.  Payments can be made online and results are easily searched and can be quickly exported to Excel.  Our first year we offered online registration as well as paper registration.  We only register online now.  Take them time upfront to learn and develop an online reigstration form.  It'll save you considerable time and grief following registration.  You can copy our online Formsite registration form by visiting the Resources page.



Polos - We use Southern Advertising. They have the best prices we've found on embroidered polos and their service has been great.  Call Mike Oswald at (864) 346-5960. 



Tee-shirts - We love Hands On Originals for our tee-shirts!  The prices are great and the service is even better.  They made national news a couple of years ago when they became the target of gay activists after refusing to print shirts for the city’s Pride Festival because the event runs contrary to to the owner's religious beliefs.  Lexington's mayor and the city's Human Right's Commission went after the company and they lost half their business.  This is a company worth supporting. Ask for Kaleb Carter - 859.231.7465.



Bracelets and other devotional items - We sell Catholic bracelets for $1.00/ea. as a form of evangelization.  We buy them in bulk from Autom.com.



Tae Kwon Do/Karate Uniforms - We're very happy with the uniforms we purchased from the Karate Depot for our Tae Kwon Do class.



Signs - Easy to design and inexpensive signs.  Look for sales.  Set up an account at buildasign.com so you receive their email sale notifications.  Once or twice a year they have a really big sale.



Aprons for Baking and Cooking classes and other customized promotional products.



Vacation Bible School We LOVE Cat Chat VBS program because it's 100% designed to be Catholic and because the family is wonderful!  It's a family venture and they take the family band on the road, hitting the east coast every 18 months or so.  So much fun having campers back for a live concert of their favorite VBS songs.



ID Badge Holders - All Instructors and volunteers wear ID badges on lanyards, which we can be customized to display the camp name (we also sell them at our tee-shirt table for $1.00 each and the kids love them).   We buy our badge holders from www.idzone.com. We like their 3.5"x2.313" All-Weather Resistant - Horizontal - Clear Vinyl Badge Holder because they proctect the badges from water and dirt, which means you're not reprinting name badges multiple times over the summer.



Custom Lanyards We purchase customized lanyards that say "St. John's Summer Program" to hold our instructor's and volunteer's id badges.  We use www.customlanyard.net.


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